Access z.trusion®

As the creators, we possess an extensive and continuously expanding patent portfolio for this technology. By obtaining a z.trusion® license, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge regarding the technology and can confidently begin manufacturing z.truded® products with our full support and expertise.

The business model

In each customer case we ensure a strong, customised business case and speedy return on investment. We license the right to use this technology to our customers and we make sure the tools are manufactured and implemented at the chosen production site. Once in production, we charge a royalty based on net sales or set up a revenue share model.

The IP

The z.trusion® patent portfolio is ever growing and so far consists of:

  • 14 patent families
  • 32 granted patents
  • 60+ patent pending
  • Global coverage

Request a quote

Provide your business request to us by filling in the form on below link or send us an email and we'll schedule a first online call.

The process

  • Book an expert analysis of your product idea or portfolio.
  • If needed, we'll plan a material test in our lab.
  • Receive an initial business case and technical report in your inbox within 72 hours.
  • When you are ready, we'll send a quote to initiate the z.trusion® implementation project

After approving the z.trusion® implementation project quote, we can get to work realizing your dream products!

  • Phase 1: Iterate your design with our engineers until you are happy.
  • Phase 2: Once product design with requirements is locked we can begin to manufacture your 1st z.trusion® tool.
  • Phase 3: With the tool at hand, we will visit your production site of choice (supplier or in house) and retrofit the tool on existing line, run live tests and iterate until successful.

With a successful product at hand, and with the benefits of z.trusion® to your business fully mapped out, you are ready to start full scale production.

Together we sort out the final paper work to establish a long term partnership to realize future innovations together!

  • License agreement
  • SLA
  • Joint press-release