Make your products stand out in a sea of sameness

With so many comparable options in most industries today, branding is more important than ever. z.trusion® is a cost effective technology that can add 3D elements to your products, unlocking branding possibilities and design freedom that will make your product stand out.

“The ability to brand products, while staying cost efficient, is a game-changer for many of our customers"

Lovisa Högberg, Head of Sales & Marketing, Reliefed Technologies

What is z.trusion®?

  • An upgrade to existing (extrusion) manufacturing lines
  • A tool that produces 3D structures on all sides of the extruded profile
  • Takes minutes to put into place
  • Suitable for aluminum, plastic, rubber, ceramic, bio-composite profiles.

What type of branding can be done?

  • Add company logo to your products (as indents or protrusions)
  • Add product name to your products (as indents or protrusions)
  • Add visual elements & structure to your products (as indents or protrusions)

Will it be sharp enough?

  • High tolerances
  • Down to nano level surface structures
  • Typically ~50% up from or down in to the material
  • Applicable to all sides of the profile

Is it worth the investment?

  • YES! Most of our customers actually save production cost while adding new design features.
  • We only work with projects where there is a strong upside for our customers.
  • Reach out to us and get a cost estimate & tech assessment (for free)

Additional Benefits


Production cost reduction


Material saving potential


Less energy consumed