Find out if z.trusion® is right for you

If your business design relies on mass production, our solution could easily create greater design possibilities, as well as economical and enviromental benefits. With these three simple steps you’ll know if z.trusion® and your company is a match.

  • Simply answer a few product and production related questions.
  • Drop us your product file. It stays 100% confidential.
  • Our team will run through your case.
  • You will have a business case and technical report in your inbox within 72 hours.
  • Our report will guide you through your cost savings, sustainability impact, and design benefits.

If you get a green light in our business and technical report, this happens next:

  • We’ll arrange to send your material to us.
  • We will then run it through our test procedures in our lab.
  • Once we have the test results, you’ll get a Material Assesment Report.
  • You’ll then receive test samples in your material of choice.

In our inhouse lab facility, we can process:

a. Polymers b. Rubber c. Ceramics d. Bio-Composites e. Aluminum (on request)

When your business case and material sample test are approved, it is easy to get started with our technology.

  • Phase 1: Product design – implementing the values of z.trusion®.
  • Phase 2: z.trusion® tooling platform design and manufacturing.
  • Phase 3: Testing, tuning and production start up.

It starts here

Please drop your product file safely with us. We will come back to you with a business case report within 72 hours.

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