Bipolar fuel cell plates

One-step production of asymmetric plates

We aim to manufacture the world's first z.truded® asymmetric polymer fuel cell plate using a single, efficient z.trusion® step. This project, named "Cost-Efficient, Lightweight z.truded® Bipolar Fuel Cell Plates" aims to develop and optimize a flow plate prototype at our z.trusion® tech center, reaching a TRL 4 validation level in the laboratory environment.

"With z.trusion®, we see the potential to cut production time of fuel cell plates from minutes to seconds"

Marcus Berggren, CTO at Reliefed - the home of z.trusion®

z.truded® bipolar fuel cell plates project 

Our project, "Cost Efficient, Lightweight z.truded® Bipolar Fuel Cell Plates," aims to develop an optimized flow plate prototype using the z.trusion® tech center, reaching a TRL 4 validation level. We target manufacturing the world's first z.truded® plate for real fuel cell testing. Additionally, we aim to enable efficient, one-step production of plates using upgraded extrusion infrastructure with z.trusion® technology.

Collaboration with experts

With input from fuel cell authorities around the world, material specialists at Erteco and thermal management experts at Alfa Laval the z.trusion® team is leading the work to design and produce the world's first z.truded® asymmetric, bipolar fuel cell plate.

The potential reduction


Production time


Manufacturing cost


Weight compared to metal