Ceramic facades

Revolutionizing a 3000-year-old industry

Extrusion has been used for thousands of years to manufacture ceramic facades and tiles. Now, z.trusion® opens new opportunities for architects and interior designers to explore new ground with indented patterns and structures in ceramic facades and tiles. The rational production in a single step means that features that were previously far too costly for large scale production are now entirely within reach.

“We're thrilled to see what creative architects and designers make of this innovation. In the right hands, it's truly groundbreaking."

Ralf Fichtner Plant and R&D Manager at Tonality Facades

Design freedom as never before

Unlocking a potential far beyond what conventional extrusion technology can achieve, z.trusion® makes it possible to create indented patterns and structures for both weight and material savings – as well as just great new looks.

Key takeaways


New design opportunities


Weight and material reduction potential


  • New design freedom for aesthetic features
  • Material savings potential
  • Process improvements


  • Possibilities of substantial material savings
  • Process improvements enabling savings in after processing steps