Interior of a factory with steel containers and pipes

Alfa Laval: sustainable heat transfer solution

By enabling innovative design and new features in a wide range of materials, z.trusion® opens opportunities to change material selection for heat transfer, separation and fluid handling products. Light weight, zero waste and produced in a single step: that means an efficient, sustainable and scalable solution for a global market on the behalf of Alfa Laval.

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Interior from a factory showing steel containers
Hand pointing on a monitor showing a production system

“It is inspiring to explore what this novel manufacturing technology can lead to in terms of flexibility in design and material selection.”

Anders Nyander, Technology Development, Alfa Laval

New opportunities for material selection

z.trusion® enables integrating new functions and features in a single production step, in materials that were previously not an option. Creating design freedom in a wide range of materials.


  • Design freedom
  • Integration of new functions and features
  • Process for selection of new materials