EV batteries

Groundbreaking concept for energy storage

Efficient battery packs are a necessity for the transition to electrified mobility. They must be light, strong, thermally regulated, recyclable and cheap. The innovative, tab cooled battery pack solution concept developed with z.trusion® technology solves all that – and it’s scalable and easily integrated in vehicle structures.

The concept development is supported and empowered by Fraunhofer IWU, Micropower Group, Semcon and Jönköping University.

Modularity enables multiple savings

Realising a rational and cost-efficient way to solve the holy grail of battery cooling means long term substantial savings both for the battery cell itself and the eco-system around it.

Key takeaways


Reduced number of parts by up to


Weight reduction


Increase of cell lifetime by up to


  • Tab cooled
  • Light weight and strong
  • Fully integrable in veichle structures
  • 47% less temperature rise compared to Tesla solution in simulations at 6C charging
  • 57% lower delta T in cell compared to Tesla solution in simulations at 6C charging


  • 50% less material
  • 80% less parts
  • Battery lifetime increased 2-3 times


  • Lowering the environmental impact of energy storage systems all the way from manufacturing to recycling
  • Making EV’s, electro mobility and energy storage systems more accessible by reducing costs