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What we mean with licensing

z.trusion® is a new technology devised by Reliefed and globally safeguarded by an extensive and expanding patent portfolio. By acquiring a licence, you secure exclusive rights to pioneer your market with innovative, efficiently z.truded® products.

Access our worldwide patent portfolio

The z.trusion® technology is invented by Reliefed and protected worldwide by an extensive and growing patent portfolio. By obtaining a license, you gain exclusive rights to trailblaze your market with new, efficiently z.truded® products.

  • 15 patent families
  • 38 granted patents
  • 56 patents pending
  • Worldwide coverage
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Your exclusive advantages with z.trusion®

Competitive edge and patent protection

The z.trusion® manufacturing technology has a robust and continually growing global patent protection, ensuring an indirect shield for your products. This not only grants you an edge over competitors but also serves as a launching pad for continuous innovation, keeping you ahead in the industry.

Future-proofed with IP and technology updates

A z.trusion® license not only gives you the right to all existing IP but also coming improvements of the core technology, giving you direct benefits such as:

  • Constantly improved IP protection
  • Process efficiency improvements
  • Ability to upgrade your material choices
  • Output quality improvements

Less risk with more profits 

Our business model ensures a win-win scenario. In exchange for the IP, we charge a royalty based on net sales or set up a revenue sharing model. Basically, when you win we win, giving you benefits such as:

  • Joint risk-taking in the market
  • No hefty upfront investments required
  • A supplier focused on your interests and results

Full-scale support from our team

Enjoy the benefits of full-scale support and on-site training from our one-of-a-kind, committed and experienced z.trusion® team. We are with you in every step of the way ensuring the uninterupted, high quality production of your products.

How to get started?

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  • Book an expert analysis of your product idea or portfolio
  • If needed, we will plan a material test in our lab
  • Receive an initial business case and technical report in your inbox within 72 hours
  • When you are ready, we will send a quote to initiate the z.trusion® implementation project
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After approving the z.trusion® implementation project quote, we can get to work realising your dream products!

  • Phase 1: Iterate your design with our engineers until you are happy
  • Phase 2: Once product design with requirements is locked we can begin to manufacture your 1st z.trusion® tool
  • Phase 3: With the tool at hand, we will visit your production site of choice (supplier or in house) and retrofit the tool on existing line, run live tests and iterate until successful
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With a successful product at hand, and with the benefits of z.trusion® to your business fully mapped out, you are ready to start full scale production.

Together we sort out the final paper work to establish a long term partnership to realise future innovations together!

  • License agreement
  • SLA
  • Joint press-release