With a z.

The z.trusion® technology creates indented patterns and structures, enabling advanced functionalities such as heat transfer and cooling, improved aerodynamics, lightweight structural optimization, tactile features, new surface textures – and sometimes just great looks.

An easy upgrade.

The technology is an easy upgrade to an existing production chain, adding an extra dimension to extruded products – with no additional after-processing, no additional logistics, energy consumption or production time, and zero material waste.

Enabling advanced

Lightweight/structural optimisation

Drive & tracking structures

Slip safe/grip quality

Heat transfer/cooling optimisation

Sound and light optimisation

Aerodynamic shapes

New surface textures

Tactile features

Branding & Identity

The z in z.trusion® adds an extra dimension to extruded products

Many shapes,
many possibilities

Pattern width/height

> Nano surface

< 100% of height

Profile types






Hollow profile types




Profile width/height
Width: 5—500mm
Height: 1—100 mm
  • Cut-outs are possible along the edge of the profile in the extruded direction
  • Punch-outs for holes and other features are possible, depending on the surrounding geometry
  • Holes through a profile are possible in certain materials

All materials that are normally suitable for extrusion can be used, until proven otherwise. Some materials that are normally not intended for extrusion are possible to use with z.trusion®.

  • Polymers
  • Rubbers
  • Aluminium
  • Ceramics
  • Composites
  • Bio composites
  • Cork composites

We partner with those who challenge the status quo

z.trusion® is a patented technology for innovative and sustainable design of extruded products, developed by award-winning Swedish cleantech company Reliefed Technologies.